Thursday, May 25, 2017

Didja Hear About the Didsbury Mosque and the, Er, Services It Offers?

The mosque is--or, rather, was--the preferred place of worship of Manchester's mass murdering jihadi. It is now trying to distance itself from him (best o' luck with that, chaps). One of the services it offers--sharia, baby:
Sharia Department

The Sharia Department is supervised by Sheikh Salem Sheikhi, who is assisted by his deputy Sheikh Mohammed Saeed.  E-mail:
Opening hours of Shari’a Department 
Monday to Thursday 10 am to 3 pm, Friday: 2 pm to 3 pm
The most important services provided by the Sharia department include:
  1. Issuing Fatwas
  1.  Issues related to the Muslim Family’s affairs in Britain.
    1. Contracts:
      1. Performing marriage contracts and sermons.
      2. Arranging Islamic power of attorney contracts relating to marriages.
      3. Issuing divorce certificates on behalf of the husband.
      4. Issuing Khul’ certificates.
      5. Issuing confirmation of Islam certificates for new Muslims.
    1. Solving family disputes:
      1. Issuing divorce resolutions in the following cases
        1. Domestic abuse from the husband.
        2. Irreconcilable disputes between husband and wife.
        3. Abandonment of the wife by the husband.
        4. Sexual problems.
      1. Issuing Khul’ resolutions by the head of The Sharia Department in cases of the husband’s refusal.
    1. Advice and consultations:
      1. Providing Sharia consultations regarding family disputes.
      2. Providing courses in family relations in Islam.
  1. Other issues regarding general personal affairs:
    1. Providing assistance writing Sharia compliant wills.
    2. Distribution of inheritance according to Sharia.
  1. The calculation of Zakat.
  1. Financial Transactions:
    1. Providing consultation and advice in financial disputes.
    2. Devising commercial contracts compliant with Sharia.
    3. Sharia adjudication in financial disputes.
  1. Mediation between the different sections of the Muslim community in Great Britain.
  1. Intervention to solve and assist with problems regarding child abscondance.  
Bear in mind that all this is being offered in a city in England, the land that gave us the Magna Carta and birthed modern notions about freedom and civil rights.

One wonders why Abedi bothered to blow up infidels when they're heading in the right direction (so to speak) anyway, and on their own.

Update: Prior to taking up residency at 10 Downing Street, Theresa May had nothing but praise for sharia in the UK:
May sparked controversy when she spoke out in support of the Islamic courts operating in the country, telling the nation they could "benefit a great deal" from Sharia teachings.
Benefit? What a crock! And what a silly cow! 

Miley Cyrus Slammed For "Cultural Appropriation"

What'd she do?

Eat a taco?

Don a headdress?

Dance the hula?


All she did was "twerk".

Jihadi Terrorist's Sister Says He "Wanted Revenge" for US Air Strikes on Syria

And, as everyone knows, the best way to get "revenge" on the United States is to blow up a bunch of little girls at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

"It's Wicked To Do That"

On the Tucker Carlson show, Mark Steyn lambastes "the official lie" being purveyed by UK leadership (the lie which sees no Islam--no, none at all--in the acts of jihadis who unleash terrorism on unsuspecting infidels; the lie which, for reasons of political correctness, gives Islam a jihadectomy).

Ceeb Radio Phone-In Show Topic: "Why White Privilege Is So Hard to Talk About"

If it's so hard to talk about, why can't the CBC ever shut up about it (see this, this and this)?

Update: This one goes out to our as-left-as-it-gets publicly-funded national broadcasting corp:
The CBC sees our "white priv"
As something that's hard to forgive.
Its "privilege" palaver's
A rotting cadaver
That in no way is transformative.

NJ Governor Chris Christie Upholds Child Marriage

The fat man's pro-sharia antics continue to astound.

"The Left's Strategy Regarding 'Islamophobia' Leads Straight to Manchester"

You said it, Robert.

"The Battle for Israel's Soul"? That's Debatable

So this is happening on Sunday:

As I see it, there's nothing to debate. Which is to say that if you want to Gaza-ize the West Bank, solve nothing, and create further problems for yourself, you are bound to fall into the Goldberg camp.

Update: Caroline Glick said it all re the chimerical "two state solution" at another Toronto synagogue some years ago:
Stop being so defensive about asserting Jewish rights. It’s our land and always has been. By agreeing to hand over some of it to the Palestinians as part of a failed peace process, Israelis have in effect endorsed the Palestinian narrative that they are at fault for the conflict, she argues. 
The solution, said Glick, in an address last week at Shaarei Shomayim Congregation, is to do what Israel did in Jerusalem and the Golan – apply Israeli law to Judea and Samaria, a.k.a., the West Bank. 
“This land is ours by history, by international legal rights, and it’s ours by justice, and we have to assert those rights,” she said. 
Glick is author of The Israeli Solution; A One-State Plan for Peace in the Middle East. Her position stands in sharp contrast to the one adopted by successive Israeli governments, but she believes Israel’s international standing was stronger, not weaker, when it stood up to international pressure. 
Israelis thought that by yielding its rights and turning over territory, it would foster international goodwill and enhance its diplomatic cachet. Instead, the opposite has occurred. 
If Israel wants international respect, it has to assert its rights, she said. If Israel wants to tell advocates of boycotts, divestments and sanctions where to stick their positions, it has to be assertive. 
“You can’t do it if all you say is we want defensible borders” and if you agree that the other side, which “exists only to destroy you,” has rights.

Why Is the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Propping Up Pro-BDS Efforts?

A great question that's explored in depth here.

Update: By coincidence, a woman who obviously doesn't read Tablet emailed Mark Steyn to assign blame for the Manchester terrorism:
The killer was the queen of England's clan. 
Rothschild Soros club. 
Stop zionist Israel jews from manufacturing all this illusion. They are the banking cartel around the world. Stop blaming everyone but the culprits, themselves. Or we will have no respect for journalists and the tales they put out.
Someone off her meds, perchance? 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why "Keep Calm and Carry On" Won't Do the Trick While the Jihad Is In Progress

Mark Steyn's piece on last night's feat of jihad in Manchester and the ramifications thereof deserves to be read in its entirety. To whet your appetite, here's one particularly tasty bit (my bolds):
I am currently reading Douglas Murray's fine book, The Strange Death of Europe, which lays out, unsparingly, the central illusion of the last half-century - that you could demographically transform the composition of hitherto more or less homogeneous nation states on a scale no stable society has ever attempted, and that there would be no consequences except a more vibrant range of local restaurants. Mrs May declared this morning on the steps of Downing Street that she had held a top-level security meeting, or what they call in Britain a "COBRA", which sounds like something scary enough to do battle with SPECTRE; in that sense, it's a very butch acronym for a bit of bureaucratic furniture labeling (Cabinet Office Briefing Room A). But I'll bet the mood around the table was one of fatalism and resignation, outside a few micro-adjustments to the budget of counter-terrorism agencies and the number of CCTV cameras and the amount of security checks at "sensitive" "high-value" targets like department stores, and theatres, and restaurants and football grounds and pubs and chip shops and... 
But the arithmetic is not difficult: Poland and Hungary and Slovakia do not have Islamic terrorism because they have very little Islam. France and Germany and Belgium admit more and more Islam, and thus more and more terrorism. Yet the subject of immigration has been all but entirely absent from the current UK election campaign. Thirty years ago, in the interests of stopping IRA terrorism, the British state was not above preventing the internal movement within its borders of unconvicted, uncharged, unarrested Republican sympathizers seeking to take a ferry from Belfast to Liverpool. Today it declares it can do nothing to prevent the movement of large numbers of the Muslim world from thousands of miles away to the heart of the United Kingdom. It's just a fact of life - like being blown up when you go to a pop concert. 
All of us have gotten things wrong since 9/11. But few of us have gotten things as disastrously wrong as May and Merkel and Hollande and an entire generation of European political leaders who insist that remorseless incremental Islamization is both unstoppable and manageable. It is neither - and, for the sake of the dead of last night's carnage and for those of the next one, it is necessary to face that honestly. Theresa May's statement in Downing Street is said by my old friends at The Spectator to be "defiant", but what she is defying is not terrorism but reality. So too for all the exhausted accessories of defiance chic: candles, teddy bears, hashtags, the pitiful passive rote gestures that acknowledge atrocity without addressing it - like the Eloi in H G Wells' Time Machine, too evolved to resist the Morlocks.
"Defiance chic"--good one, Mark.

Update: The Brits comfort themselves with platitudes such as this one.

"Love in the end is always stronger than hate"?

Not so. For instance, "love" wasn't stronger than the Nazis, and, on its own, would not have defeated them.

Also--Israel exists today because fifty years ago, Jews fought and defeated Arabs during a six day-long war. The idea that the Israelis' "love" could have prevailed over their enemies' hatred is as specious as it is insane.

Breaking News: ISIS Claims Responsibilty for Manchester Terrorist Attack

Don't know if these particular jihadis are actually behind it, but they're certainly more than delighted to take credit for it.