Friday, April 21, 2017

"Mr. VP Mike Pence Please Don't Create Categories of Islam. You Have No Right. Islam is ONE Fatih. No Modern or Radical Islam. ONLY ISLAM."

That's our old friend, Imam Syed Soharwardy of Calgary, channeling his inner Artie Erdogan, and tweeting/commanding an uppity infidel to cease and desist what he's doing.

Soharwardy, who often appears on the CBC, is what passes for a "moderate" cleric here in Justin's Trudeaupia. Because even though he heads up something called the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada (begging the question: is it the council that's "supreme," or the Islam?), he's not a big fan of violent jihad. (Well, after all, he is a Sufi, and jihad isn't in their wheelhouse, right?)

He isn't averse, however, to employing The Big Sharia Shut Up on those who offend his religious sensibilities--Ezra Levant in the past; Mr. VP Mike Pence today. (I find it interesting that while Pence is trying to say that there's a "good" Islam and a "bad" Islam--the better to reject the "bad" one and to imply that Islam per se is not the problem--Syed is having none of it, insisting that Islam is indivisible. How that advances his cause, PR-wise, is anyone's guess.)

Also, I have no doubt that, if he knew about it, Syed would object to Ayaan Hirsi Ali's categories of Islam, her being an apostate and all.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Entity Called "Muslim World League" Praises Canada's Anti-Islamophobia Motion

An item on a Canadian Islamic website reports that something called the Muslim World League is giving major props to the Liberal government's anti-"Islamophobia" mission:
The Muslim World League (MWL) has praised the recent approval of a draft bill by Canada House of Commons that paves the way for future measures to combat the phenomenon of Islamophobia. 
The League's Secretary General Sheikh Dr. Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa said in a statement that this draft bill comes in the context of awareness of the danger of religious hatred on the civilized behavior and societal peace, which helped the terrorist extremism to use "Islamophobia" as an excuse to promote its crimes.
What's that you say, Sec'y Gen Sheikh Dr. Al-Issa? You think that it's "Islamophobia" and not, say, the jihadi imperative embedded in Islam's holy writ that leads to acts of terrorism in which the phrase "Allahu Akbar" plays a prominent role?

Who on Earth would make such a claim?

Actually, where on Earth is more to the point. For while the Muslim World League sounds rather sporty, the reality is that it is anything but.

So what is it?

According to Wikipedia, it's a
Pan-Islamic[dubious ][1] NGO based in Makkah, Saudi Arabia that propagates Islamic teachings.[2][3] The NGO was funded by the Saudi government from its inception in 1962,[4] with that contribution growing to approximately $13 million by 1980.[2] Because of the Saudi funding, the League is widely regarded as promoting Wahhabism.[2] The Oxford Dictionary of Islam says that "the group has acted as a mouthpiece for the Saudi Arabian government, which finances it."[5][6] 
Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen At-Turki is the General Secretary.[2] The organization propagates the religion of Islam, encouraging Dawah and conversion of non-Muslims,[2] and promotes apologetics against criticism of Islam. The organization funds the construction of mosques, financial reliefs for Muslims afflicted by natural disasters, the distribution of copies of the Quran, and political tracts on Muslim minority groups.[7] The League says that they reject all acts of violence and promote dialogue with the people of other cultures, within their understanding of Sharia, but they are no strangers to controversy, having been the subject of several ongoing counterterrorism investigations in the U.S. related to Hamas, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.[8]
Seems to me that if this Wahhabist racket thinks your anti-Islamophobia effort is on the right track, it's a sign that you have taken a very wrong turn indeed.

Update: BCF has more on these non-sporty Wahhabi charmers.

Perpetually Angry SJW Control Freaks Kill Off Free Speech on Campus

It boils down to a Marxist/sharia construct, i.e. "free speech" for me not thee, as Daniel Greenfield explains here:
Free speech is actually not at all endangered on campus, according to the Wellesley News which defines free speech as any speech that protects the underprivileged. The only free speech is left-wing speech. Any other speech is a form of oppression against the underprivileged who have the privilege of calling it out by harassing anyone who engages in it to protect their existence from your existence. 
That includes lying down in the middle of freeway traffic so as to impede white supremacy by preventing teachers from getting to work, kids from getting to schools and ambulances from transporting dying patients to the hospital. This calls attention to the plight of angry African Studies majors who almost read “Between the World and Me” and named their gerbils after wanted terrorist Assata Shakur. 
All non-social justice forms of speech are hate speech. These include supporting Trump, quoting the Bill of Rights or refusing to check your privilege. Checking your privilege determines how much free speech you really have. The privileged have the least free speech because of their burden of privilege and the underprivileged are privileged with the widest latitude of free speech. 
This includes bursting into the library and shouting racial slurs while everyone is studying for their finals. 
Objecting to racial slurs, death threats, fake hate crimes, machete attacks, pepper spray and/or arson is “tone policing”. Policing the tone of angry left-wing minority hooligans who have Tumblr pages full of clips from The Boondocks is deeply wrong and you need to check your privilege. They are already performing enormous amounts of “unpaid emotional labor” by just existing in white spaces and then trying to educate you about your privilege and their agony by yelling racial slurs in your face. 
It doesn’t help when you refuse to be educated about your privilege and instead whitesplain, mansplain, hetsplain or cisplain to them about the challenges you have overcome. If you aren’t enduring daily “microaggressions” when people fail to use the correct personal pronoun that reflects your agender identity (Zer or Ler are both acceptable) then you have no idea how privileged you are.
Wow, if these are the best years of their lives, one can only pity the poor aggrieved.

"The Kundby Girl"

She's 17. She's Danish. She's a recent "revert" to Islam. She's on trial in Denmark for plotting acts of jihad with her Hizb ut-Tahrir mentor.

What else do you need to know?

Update: Meanwhile, over in France...

"Homeland" Isn't Where the Heart--or the Head--Is

That's because this season the TV series has morphed into a "new alternate PC universe" where
Hillary is President, domestic terrorism doesn’t exist, Israel is the bad guy in the Middle East, and Carrie Matheson is a mom who defends a teenager who supports ISIS on Facebook.
Who's writing the show's scripts these days?

Peter Beinart?

Max Blumenthal

One of those Students for Justice in Palestine?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Slot Opens Up for "The Mark Steyn Show"? (Hey, We Can Dream, Can't We?)

Source: Fox News and Bill O'Reilly are taking exit

In Barbara Kay NatPo Column, Canadian Academic, an "Islamophobia" Expert, Lets the Marxist Cat Out of the Bag

"Islamophobia" is all about the unfair and unfounded "phobia" of utterly harmless Muslims, right?

Well, not really, as someone who teaches a boffo course on "race, ethnic, gender and postcolonial studies" (not exactly an area of inquiry that is likely to land her students a decent job) at one of Ontario's august universities tells the National Post's Barbara Kay. Kay asked Jasmin Zine, who is something of an expert on the subject, to define "Islamophobia," which she did, lickety split:
“Islamophobia is a fear and hatred of Islam and Muslims that translates into individual, ideological and systemic forms of oppression.” This is quite an insidious, though admittedly clever, definition. Note that it puts “fear and hatred” of Islam, not Muslims, at the centre of the phobia. And the word “translates” is a masterstroke. 
Under this definition, if I write publicly that Islam is inherently Christophobic and anti-Semitic according to its own texts, and a Muslim declares himself “oppressed” by my statement, who would be the interpeter for the alleged “translation”? The courts? Iqra Khalid? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau? 
As one can see from her defined area of study, Zine is an intersectionalist, who sees the world in Marxist tropes of power and powerlessness, with white imperialists and their issue holding the power, and all disadvantaged minorities, into which category Muslims are now tucked, as the systematically disempowered.
Intersectionalists of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but...well, you have nothing to lose!

Update: No surprise that Zine's one of those anti-Zionist/pro-Palestine academics, as evidenced by her signing on to this petition.

Malala's Song of Islam: Overly-Sweet and Seriously Out of Tune

One reason why Canadians adore Malala Yosafzai and revere her as a sort of Millennnial Mother Theresa is because, when it comes to Islam, she mouths the bromides, pieties and platitudes that are music to their ears.

For some, however--Tarek Fatah, say--her syrupy words strike more than a few discordant notes:
Two aspects of Malala Yousafzai’s speech delivered to a packed House of Commons April 12 were notable. 
The first was her failure to mention Stephen Harper, let alone thank the former prime minister who was behind the move to grant her honorary Canadian citizenship. 
But it was what Malala said about Muslims and Islam that was both inaccurate and lacking in total honesty.
Referring to the 2014 killing of Canadian soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo by Muslim radical Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, Malala said: “The man who attacked Parliament Hill called himself a Muslim — but he did not share my faith. ... I am a Muslim and I believe that when you pick up a gun in the name of Islam and kill innocent people, you are not a Muslim anymore.” 
The problem is Malala’s words, while eloquent, are in conflict with the reality of today, and incompatible with 1,400 years of Islamic history. 
Yet it drew applause from the audience, hungry for any medicine that would dull the pain caused by the growing cancer of Islamic terrorism.
Everybody sing: "Just a spoonful of Malala makes the multiculti medicine go down in the most delightful way..."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Five From the Justin Trudeau "Fan" Club

1. On climate change, Trudeau is a huuuuge hypocrite.

2. Justin Trudeau isn't the anti-Trump. He's bargain-bin Obama.

3. Stop swooning over Justin Trudeau. He's a climate change hypocrite.

4. Marijuana legalization: What was Justin smoking?

5. Justin Trudeau is a fascist.

Michael Oren: The "Biggest Winners" of the Six Day War Were...

Let's just say it wasn't the Jews.

CBC Radio--Quel Surprise--Tries to Downplay the Threat of "Political Islam"

According to the "expert" whose opinion was solicited for Ceeb radio's "Ideas" show, "political Islam" is an age-old phenomenon and, speaking realistically, an inevitability about which we infidels can do very little. So we may as well chillax and adopt the Ceeb's usefully idiotic Dr. Strangelove position. Which is to say: we must learn to stop worrying and love sharia (the installation of Islamic law in all its draconian glory being the whole point of "political Islam"/supremacist Islam/Muslim Brotherhood Islam/by-the-book Islam/the conquest-minded Islam of Islam's founder that inspires the bulk of the modern jihad).

So nice of the Ceeb to celebrate shill on behalf of all that, no?